Machulas journey is offering also homestay around sacred valley of the incas. If you are interested to do this journey, we can organize for you this new opportunity.This journey consist go visit to the local families and stay with then where you will learn about their custom and tradition.

Make an experience learning to weave. The techniques used to weave the belts, ponchos, and shawls worn by Andean peoples today one of the peru’s most important cultural traditions have changed little over the past two millennia. The places that machulas journey take you is an exceptional resources for learning more about this living heritage. It’s beautifully designed places showcases weaving history, methods, significance, and geographical variety.

Enlightening labels explain the exhibits, and craftspeople are usually on hand to give practical demonstration. At the places, you can take a weaving class giving by an expert from one of the local villages or arrange a homestay in the village of Chinchero or any others places. The locals also offers top quality pieces for sale.

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