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The Inca Trail is the undisputed attraction for most people coming to Cusco and it is by far the most popular trek in the region. There has to be something intrinsically exciting and rewarding about the Inca trail to spend five grueling days walking to Machu Picchu. Passing through outstanding scenery, dramatic landscapes and encounter a series of incredibly spectacular Inca sites. It is in fact a spellbinding way to arrive to Machu Picchu and a walk that is quite rightly considered as one of the finest in the world.

The itinerary of the five days Inca trail is different than the classic Inca trail of four days. This hike is for adventure lovers who want to explore more in a longer time. The daily walks are shorter and you will have more time to enjoy each Inca site. Join us now at Machula’s family! Don not think too much, nothing is impossible and we are ready to help you.

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